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Interaction of silver nitrate with commercially available cotton socks; relationship to the antibacterial action of silver ions

Revathi, P., Prabhu, N., Jayaseelan, T.S., Lakshika, S., Manickavasagam, S. and Uma, A.

Silver nitrate (10-3M) coated cotton socks significantly reduced the bacterial load of the socks flora among the medical students. The bacterial load is directly proportional to number of days and inversely proportional to the concentration of silver nitrate. Pseudomonas species was isolated from four samples in day 3. Other samples showed significant colonies of ASBs at low concentration on third day which was statistically significant. This study reported that 10-3M silver nitrate solution coated cotton socks were very effective and having bacterial isolates rarely. The strength of the study are rigid criteria with standard protocol adopted to select subjects and concentrations of silver nitrate, completion of study among all subjects without dropout and good laboratory practices adopted to process the samples.

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