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Impact of helminth parasites on plasma proteins in children of Kashmir

Bashir Ahmad Lone, Fayaz Ahmad and Hidayatullah Tak

The aim of this study was to assess the impact of helminth infections on plasma proteins in children of Kashmir valley. Stool and Blood samples were collected from 573 school children both male and female in the age group of 2-15 years from the six districts of Kashmir valley. Blood samples were analyzed for estimation of plasma proteins, like albumin, globulin and total proteins by BIURET and BCG Methods and stool samples were processed by using both simple smear and zinc sulphate concentration methods. Of the 573 children surveyed, 381 (66.49%) were infected by either Ascaris lumbricoides or Trichuris trichiura or both. Children infected by helminths were found to have lower mean values of plasma albumin and total proteins but higher mean values of globulin than uninfected children. The present study reveals that Geohelminths are abundant among children of Kashmir valley which have a negative effect on the plasma protein value and suggests implementation of control measures to prevent geohelminthiasis.

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