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Formulation development and evaluation of in situ nasal gel of zolpidem tartrate

Sadhana R Shahi, Gugulkar, R. R. and Kulkarni, M. S.

Nasal drug delivery has attracted much attention as a promising alternative administration route, especially for peptide or protein drugs. The nasal route is an attractive alternative to drug administration and provides a direct access to the systemic circulation. In the present study various formulations were prepared by using carbapol 934P as gelling agent and HPMC K4M as controlled or sustained release polymer. All the formulations were evaluated for various parameters like pH, viscosity, drug content, gel strength, mucoadhesive strength and drug release. At optimized concentration of gelling agent and HPMC K4M showed in situ gelling with all parameter in range. In vitro release data revealed that the optimized formulation showed controlled and sustained drug release pattern.

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