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Effect of split application method of inorganic fertilizer on the nutritional composition of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria nigritana)

Aderinola, O. A., Alamu, L. O., Adesina G.O. and A. A. Famakinwa

The utilization of vetiver grass in south western Nigeria is still at a novel stage with the potential of it being introduced to farmers. The effect of split application method of inorganic fertilizer (urea 46%N) on the nutritional composition of the grass (Vetiveria nigritana.) was thus investigated. The study comprises of five treatments with varying level of nitrogen fertilizer application. The control (no fertilizer) treatment A (single application of 200kg/ha), treatment B (twice application at 100kg/ha each), treatment C (thrice application at 66.67kg/ha each) and treatment D( four times application of 50kg/ha each). Treatments were replicated thrice. The crude protein increases with increase in split method, treatments were significantly different (P > 0.05) from each other and highest value observed in treatment D (9.75%).The crude fibre decrease with increase in split method in fertilized plots. Treatment D with four applications is recommended because of it appreciating nutritional composition.

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