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Effect of split application method of inorganic fertilizer on the nutritional composition of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria nigritana)

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Aderinola, O. A., Alamu, L. O., Adesina G.O. and A. A. Famakinwa

The utilization of vetiver grass in south western Nigeria is still at a novel stage with the potential of it being introduced to farmers. The effect of split application method of inorganic fertilizer (urea 46%N) on the nutritional composition of the grass (Vetiveria nigritana.) was thus investigated. The study comprises of five treatments with varying level of nitrogen fertilizer application. The control (no fertilizer) treatment A (single application of 200kg/ha), treatment B (twice application at 100kg/ha each), treatment C (thrice application at 66.67kg/ha each) and treatment D( four times application of 50kg/ha each). Treatments were replicated thrice. The crude protein increases with increase in split method, treatments were significantly different (P > 0.05) from each other and highest value observed in treatment D (9.75%).The crude fibre decrease with increase in split method in fertilized plots. Treatment D with four applications is recommended because of it appreciating nutritional composition.

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