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Effect of innovation-orientation on internal branding in healthcare organizations

Dr. Zeliha Tekin, Dr. Unal Efe, Dr. Serkan Deniz and Dr. Mesut Çimen

In today’s market conditions, many businesses focus on innovation in order to obtain competitive advantage and survive. Successful innovations have important effects on both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. One of the important effects of innovation is internal branding, which refers to the activities and processes by which employees internalize the brand. Innovation has positive influence on internal branding as well. In this study, it is aimed to determine the effect of innovation-orientation on internal branding, and to examine the relationship between these two concepts. Data were collected from private healthcare organizations operating in Turkey between August 2016 and October 2016. Descriptive statistics were used in data analysis, and explanatory and confirmatory factor analyses were performedin scale development. Moreover, fit indices were also calculated. Regression analyses and Pearson Correlation analyses were performed to determine the relationship between innovation-orientation and internal branding. According to the analyses performed, it was found that there is a statistically significant and positive relationship between innovation-orientation and internal branding. Specifically, innovation-orientation has a positive influence on internal branding.

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