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Effect of aqueous extract of bean pod on alloxan induced diabetes rats

Jamilu, Y. M. I., Alhassan, A. J., Darma, A. I. and Karfi, I. A.

Phasealus vulgaris is herbaceous annual plant grown worldwide for its edible bean.Serum glucose for Alloxan induced diabetes rats grouped into four was determined. It determined after treated with bean pod extract. Group 1 (normal control) has serum glucose level 4.40+ 0.10 this value shows significant decrease at p< 0.05. When compared with group II (negative control I) which confirmed diabetes induction. Serum glucose of group III (treated with 3.0g/kg) has serum glucose of 5.22 + 0.41 this value shows significant increase when compared with group IV (negative control II). Also serum glucose level of group III (treated with 6.0g/kg) was 5.94 + 0.61which also shows significant increased at p< 0.05 when compared with group IV (negative control III). This shows that bean pod extract has hyperglycemic effect (i.e. cannot manage/cure diabetes). Phytochemical screening of bean pod extract was carried out and found to have contain, tannins and glycosides, which are polymers of carbohydrates this may likely contributed to rise in serum glucose when metabolized.

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