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Development of a digital communication book in a primary, secondary and vocational education institution

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Chikwanine Ntwali Yassin Ndaye, Ishara Katoto, Maendeleo Baguma Jean-Paul, Lungela Kikobya Serge, Isamuna Nkebo Josue, Amani Haguma Joseph, Irenge Balolage Jean, Kala Djoung, J.R., Kasavubu Byalahire Jean Claude and Kushimwa Kisanyar Pierre

In the sectors of Higher Education, University and Scientific Research and in the sectors of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo, educational institutions have a branch responsible for discipline within institutions and have become aware of the particular interest of rational management that this represents in this field. In spite of the means put in place and especially the use and existence of communication books mainly in the primary, secondary and vocational education sector, this is still difficult to manage in order to allow a permanent exchange between parents and schools. But it proves many difficulties and communication deficiencies especially when it passes through the hands of students to arrive at their parents. These difficulties have inspired us to allow us to carry out a study and to set up a reliable communication system without transit on an intermediary but directly between the student's parents and the school. This led us to talk about a digital communication book.

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