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Chemical composition and nutritive value of Leptadenia hastata leaves

Fai Frederick Yirankinyuki, Wilson Lamayi Danbature, Muhammad M. Muzakir and Simon Y. Simon

This paper aimed at investigating the chemical compositions and mineral contents of Leptadenia hastate leaves. The proximate analysis shows moisture, ash, lipid, crude protein, crude fiber and carbohydrate contents to be (7.67, 17.67, 5.0, 14.88, 9.33, and 45.45) % respectively. The high percentage of carbohydrates indicates that Leptadenia hastata leaves could served as a good source of energy to the body. The elemental analysis was carried out using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). Calcium recorded the highest concentration of 1845.66 mgKg-1 and Zinc with the lowest concentration of 15.27mgKg-1.  Other elements includes; Na, Fe, K and Mg with concentrations of (72.54, 148.94, 1245.34 and 275.87) mgKg-1 respectively. These results suggest that Leptadenia hastata leaves could served as good source of minerals such as Ca, Fe, and K that are essential for human and livestock.

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