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Amylase production from Gastrimargus musicus cells in culture and immobilized state

Prashant Shukla, Riya Rahangdale, Ajay Singh and Shobha Gawri

A low cost insect cell culture medium is developed without use of serum or costly chemicals. Cells were cultured in three variations of the basal medium i.e. with sucrose only, with creatine only and with both sucrose and creatine along with basal medium. The medium with sucrose only had the highest cell concentration followed by medium with creatine and with both sucrose and creatine. Basal medium had the lowest cell concentration. Amylase production was tested in cultured cells and it was found that amylase activity was highest in basal medium followed by medium containing only sucrose and basal medium and then by one containing only creatine and basal medium. The medium containing both sucrose and creatine had the lowest amylase activity. The cells from basal medium were used to immobilized cell in calcium aligenate. It was found that the immobilized cells also produced amylase.

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