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  1. Abstract for symplectic yang-mills fields
    Lutanda Panga, G., Azere Phiri, P. and Muyumba Kabwita, P.
  2. A review on the mechanical properties of aluminium based metal matrix composite via powder metallurgy
    Saif Wakeel and Ateeb Ahmad Khan
  3. Effet de l'action de deux antibiotiques en presence du glucose-6-phosphate sur deux souches de escherichia coli
    ANGAMAN Djédoux Maxime, ACKAH Jacques Auguste Alfred Bognan, OKOU Obou Constantin and DJAMAN Allico Joseph
  4. The use of orthophotos produced from different altitudes in pipeline planning
    Mehmet Akif GÜNEN, Ümit Haluk ATASEVER and Erkan BEŞDOK
  5. Perceived management capacity of school principals for the effective implementation of the universal basic education programme in junior secondary schools in South East, Nigeria
    Uwakwe, Iro, S.
  6. Studies on seed transmission and management of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Ciceri causing chickpea wilt
    Vikram D. Singh and Gangwar, R. K.
  7. Effects of environmental market opportunity on sustainable development among the SMES in Nairobi County
    Lochodo Malcom Charles
  8. Development of a digital communication book in a primary, secondary and vocational education institution
    Chikwanine Ntwali Yassin Ndaye, Ishara Katoto, Maendeleo Baguma Jean-Paul, Lungela Kikobya Serge, Isamuna Nkebo Josue, Amani Haguma Joseph, Irenge Balolage Jean, Kala Djoung, J.R., Kasavubu Byalahire Jean Claude and Kushimwa Kisanyar Pierre
  9. Monitoring of the parasitic load wastewater of ouedouislane and ouedbouishak from the City of Meknes Morocco
    Ouarrak, K., Chahlaoui, A. and Taha, I.
  10. Impact of theory based educational intervention on knowledge, belief and self-efficacy regardingosteoporosis among the female staff in selangor, Malaysia: research concept, framework and methodology
    Samia Amin, Dr. Hejar Abdul Rahman, Dr. Suriani Binti Ismail, Dr. Sri Ganesh Muthiah and Dr. Emilia Zainal Abidin
  11. The quadratic differential triads via sheaves of sets and categories
    Chiteng, B. K., Phiri, P. A., Kabwita, P.M., N’gandwe K. Mumba and Tossa, J.
  12. Preparation of crosslinked polyacrylamide hydrogels and their application to the removal of manganese (ii) ions from aqueous solution
    Mathieu Béné, Domga, Jean Marie Dikdim Dangwang, , Richard Domga, Jean Bosco Tchatchueng, Nathalie Kobbe-Dama and Simplice Tatsimo
  13. Application of connection triads in static lie group and lie algebra
    Chiteng, B. K., Phiri, P. A., Kabwita, P.M., N’gandwe K. Mumba and Tossa, J.
  14. A study on infrared spectroscopy of human blood of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus
    Vijaya Ushasree, U. and Adeel Ahmad
  15. Rakta is considered as chaturtha dosha – A review
    Dr. Ganapathi Rao, I., Dr. ChandrakanthHalli, Dr. VijayKumar and Dr. AshokNaikar
  16. Effect of carom seed smoke on episiotomy wound healing and level of pain among post natal mothers
    Pratibha Khosla
  17. Review article: Carbofuran-persistence in soil and microbial degradation
    Ritu Soni, Sakshi Jaiswal, Jyoti Kiran Bara and Khyati Shrivastava
  18. Image recognition via codebooks and contour reinforcement
    Sumeet Gupta, Vishesh Gaurav and Ramani, S.
  19. Internet addiction as a predictor of loneliness
    Nida Anwar Ali Bhatti and Dr. Saima Masoom Ali
  20. Interface effects on an infinite plane containing two circular nano-inhomogeneities
    Lei Dongxia, Wen Shuangshuang and Ou Zhiying
  21. L’ananas (ananas comosus (l) m.): alterations et moyens de lutte - a review
    KOFFI Yao Fulgence, ALLOUE-BORAUD W.A. Mireille, BAN KOFFI Louis and DJE Koffi Marcellin
  22. Yang-mills equations for a pull back symplectic yang-mills field
    Lutanda Panga, G., Azere Phiri, P. and Muyumba Kabwita, P.
  23. Production of heterotic hybrid in rohu (labeo rohita) by crossing the riverine and hatchery strains
    Wasim Sabbir, Md. Nuruzzaman Khan, Shamima Sultana, Md. Lifat Rahi and Md. Saifuddin Shah
  24. Abdominal bleeding region detection in wireless capsule endoscopy videos
    Dr. Sreeja Mole, S.S.
  25. Behaviour of a-symplectomorphisms on the ricci a-tensors
    Lutanda Panga, G., Azere Phiri, P. and Muyumba Kabwita, P.
  26. Applications of upqc for power quality improvement
    Babasaheb B. Repe and Prof. Mrs. A. P. Patil
  27. An approach to determining the permittivities of arbitrary materials and the internal quantum efficiency of emitters
    Guy Francis Mongelli
  28. Effect of innovation-orientation on internal branding in healthcare organizations
    Dr. Zeliha Tekin, Dr. Unal Efe, Dr. Serkan Deniz and Dr. Mesut Çimen
  29. Evidence based dentistry in prosthodontics
    Dr. Deepika Bainiwal
  30. Dental rehabilitation of obstructive sleep apnoea (osa) patients- a review
    Dr. Deepika Bainiwal
  31. Characterization of the interaction between a copper based drug with calf thymus deoxyribonucleic acid (ct-dna)
    NasrinSohrabi, NahidRasouli, MasomeaTaei and SomayeaGhafari
  32. Analyzing local revenue in local otonomy implementation towards self-reliance of samarinda municipality
    H. Abd. Rachim A.F
  33. Policy of local income and expenditure (apbd) in the effect on public socio economic in samarinda
    Abdrachim, A.F. H.
  34. General gravitational intensity (or acceleration due to gravity) based upon the golden metric tensor in spherical polar coordinates (paper II)
    Nura, Y., Howusu, S.X.K. and Nuhu, I.
  35. Do managers decide complex investment projects intuitively?
    Dipl. ÖkonomRalf Peter Wüstermann
  36. The influence of experience on risk aversion
    Dipl. Ökonom Ralf Peter Wüstermann
  37. Teachers motivation as a viable option for the survival of the Nigerian educational system
    Dr. Nwadiokwu, C.N., Nwadiokwu, E.S., Favour, E.N. and Okwuazun, M.E
  38. Dielectric properties of ferroelectric l-proline triglycine sulphate (lptgs) crystal
    Joseph John, N.
  39. Follicular thyroid carcinoma metastasis to the kidney a case report with cyto - histologic correlation
    Dr. Rajankumar, T.
  40. Use of lichens as bio-indicators in assessing the level of air pollution in the region of Bizerte
    Karima Tabbabi and Tijani Karmous
  41. New result on the extensiveness and in extensiveness between bipartite graphs
    Walied H. Sharif
  42. A comparative “in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity” study of aerial parts of plant hamelia patens
    Shweta Singh and Mrs. Manju Vyas Singh
  43. Extraction and purification of phenolics from star anise
    Shivangi, Shahzia Khan and Shlini, P.
  44. Etude de la germination des graines de irvingiagabonensis, centre-ouestdela coted’ivoiredansla regiondu goh
    KOUAME N’driMarie-Thérèse, MANGARA Ali, SORO Kafanaet and N’GUESSAN Koffi
  45. Determination of important physical properties and water absorption capacities of fourtraditional paddy varieties in Sri Lanka
    Gayan Thilakarathna, Seneviratne Navaratne and Indira Wickramasinghe
  46. Demand for non-timber forest products in akure metropolis
    Adepoju, A.A., Oladeebo, J. O. and Ojedokun, I.K.
  47. Survey of chaotic image encryption techniques
    Brinda Devi, D. and Dr. Selva Kumar, S.
  48. Guppies and their life style
    Samreena Baqal and Ahmad, S.M.
  49. Glass ceiling on women employees with special reference to sultanate of oman
    Dr. Kumudha, A.
  50. Solar PV and battery storage integration using three-level NPC inverter
    Preethi, L. and Ramya Rani, N.
  51. Synthesis and application of silver nanoparticles as Fe2+ and Mn2+ metal-ions contaminant removal media in groundwater samples
    Francis Nsiah, Isaac K. Attatsi, Michael K. Danquah and David K. Dodoo
  52. First report of polyembryony in Inga feuillei (Leguminosae, ingeae)
    Zapater, M. A., Lozano, E. C. and Hoc, P. S.
  53. The utility of classification and framing for analysing classroom practices with a focus on children with special educational needs
    Efthymiou Efthymia
  54. Toxicity of Morinda lucida leaves to Clarias gariepinus
    Frank N.I. Morah, Augustine U. Agorye and Albert P. Ekanem
  55. Distinct mechanisms of 10 links kinematic chains of group a
    Dr. Ali Hasan
  56. Open-circuit fault diagnosis in back-to-back converters of PMSG drives for wind turbine systems
    Sandhiya vinayagam, Manonmani, N.
  57. MPV (Mean platelet volume) is a negative acute phase reactant in inflammatory dermatophyte infection (Kerion celsi)
    Gunseli Sefika Pancar and Pervin Ozlem Balcı
  58. A single-phase CHB inverter with reduced power electronics components with low THD
    Selva Priya, B. and Geethamani, R.
  59. Examination of fanger’s pmv model in indoor - air conditioned environment of the coastal strip of benin
    Aurélien OLISSAN, Jean-Marie HAUGLUSTAINE, Clément KOUCHADE, Cossi Norbert AWANOU and Philippe ANDRE
  60. Comparative studies of econeem and piper longum extracts against cotton roller sylepta derogate fab
    Mariselvi, S. and Manimegalai, K.
  61. Comparison study between two type of formulation taking a newly formulated effervescent ciprofloxacin
    Ahmed M. A. Masaad, Majed Al robaian
  62. Salvia genus: minor isolated triterpenoid(s)
    Shyamal K. Jash, Dilip Gorai and Rajiv Roy
  63. Cyanobacterial diversity of soybean (glycine max (l.) merill) fields
    Santosh Mahadeo Talekar
  64. Teacher preparation for implementing e-learning in urban high schools in zimbabwe: the case of mzilikazi district in the bulawayo metropolitan province
    Mangwaya Emily and Mangwaya Ezron
  65. Scientific attitude of secondary school students of sivasagar district in relation to their achievement in science
    Binoy Munda and Manashee Gogoi
  66. Factors influencing anaemia in pregnancy in the cape coast metropolis, Ghana
    Theodora DedoAzu
  67. A comparison of propofol versus sevoflurane for laryngeal mask airway insertion
    Dr. Anita B Patel, Dr. Ekta soni and Dr. Jagruti satasiya
  68. Biogenic synthesis of zinc Nanoparticle from ethanol extract of bitter gourd and evaluation of its in-vitro antioxidant efficacy
    Flora-Glad Chizoba Ekezie, Jessie Suneetha, W., Uma Maheswari, K. and Prasad, T.N.V.K. V.
  69. Phytochemical analysis and gc-ms study of dioscorea (yam) in Wayanad District-Kerala state
    Abdussalam, A.K. Jathina M. Jamsheena, K. and Ratheesh Chandra, P.
  70. Apport des ong dans l’amelioration de la securite alimentaire dans le milieu rural de minova a l’est de la republique democratique du congo
    Didier Fataki, S., Janvier Bashagaluke, B. et David Bugeme, M.
  71. Legal analysis and the importance of environmental protection of biodiversity in Macedonia and Albania
    Dr. Ismail Zejneli and Dr. Alba DUMI
  72. Revisiting diversity and geographical distribution of eight minor families viz., anoplodiscidae, axinidae, capsalidae, cichlidogyridae, heteraxinidae, hexabothriidae, bothitrematidae and tetraonchoidae of class monogenea
    Fozail Ahmad, Sharma, C., Aggarwal, V.P. and Arya, P.V.
  73. Reliability of british pendulum test on macrotextured surfaces
    Erhan Burak Pancar and Zeki Karaca
  74. Original research article: Study of immunization and breastfeeding awareness in Primigravida attending tertiary care hospital of Anand district, Gujarat
    Dr. Abdulhamid S Mavli and Dr. Dilipkumar, L.
  75. Computed tomography scan as a first line investigation in blunt abdominal trauma
    Ishwar Charan, Namrata Jagawat, Akhil Kapoor and Vijay Haralgat Seetharamaiha
  76. Original research article: Dexmedetomidine: A simple, Easy, and Economical adjuvant for general anaesthesia
    Dr. Anita B Patel, Dr. Ekta soni, Dr. Jagruti satasiya and Dr. Ketan Mangukiya
  77. Bamboo salt- A review
    Dr. Bhagyashri R. Latti, Dr. Sanjeev B. Birajdar, Dr. Jitendra. V. Kalburge and Dr. Ramchandra G. Latti
  78. Evidence based community health project: Faculty perception on its effectiveness, outcomes and implementation
    Geetanjali Purohit, Trushna Shah, Niraj Pandit, Ajay George and Harsoda J. M.
  79. Implicatons about latin square trial plan
    Şenol Çelik
  80. Hirudotherapy-modern twist to ancient science and its relevance in maxillofacial region- A review article
    Dr. Tripthi, P. S. and Dr. Ashalatha, M.
  81. Relationship between motivation and performance in K.C.S.E biology in selected secondary schools in Nyakach District, Kisumu County, Kenya
    Mr. OwinoOgutu Albert, Dr. Yungungu Alice M., Ahmed Osman and OgollaBernard, O.
  82. Use of scholarly electronic information resources by faculty members of NBA accredited engineering college libraries: A survey
    Dr. Anjaiah, M. and Dr. Nageshwara Rao, P.
  83. Load balancing with token bucket algorithm (LBTB)
    Enakshmi Nandi and Debabrata Sarddar
  84. Investigation milk yield in small ruminants by region in Turkey
    Şenol Çelik
  85. Original research article: Status of GGT, uric acid and serum electrolytes in myocardial infarction
    Anita Yadav, Shilpa Sharma, Harpreet kaur matharu, Rashmi devendra
  86. Isolation, identification and screening of cellulose degrading microfungi from decomposed E.Crassipes
    Tirthesh Kumar Sharma and Ramendra Singh
  87. General characteristics of the Basinof Nerodime River
    Ilir Abdullahu
  88. Cox-1 studies in evaluation and assessment of molecular diversity among Gyrodactylidae, Diplectenidae, Diplozoidae and Dictilophoridae families (Class: Monogenea)
    Fozail Ahmad, Priya Vrat Arya and Singh, H.S.
  89. An enhanced embryo culture methodology for coconut (Cocos nucifera l.)
    Pablito M. Magdalita, Olivia P. Damasco, Yohannes M.S. Samosir, Nurhaini Mashud, Hengky Novariento, Erlinda P. Rillo, Vu Thi My Lien, Alfred Kembu, Mathias Fauare and Stephen W. Adkins
  90. Chemical composition and nutritive value of Leptadenia hastata leaves
    Fai Frederick Yirankinyuki, Wilson Lamayi Danbature, Muhammad M. Muzakir and Simon Y. Simon
  91. Encounter of diversities
    Dragana Litričin-Dunič
  92. Cycas andamanica (Cycadaceae): a new species from Andaman Islands, India
    Prasad, K., Venkat Ramana, M., Ravi Prasad Rao, B. and Sanjappa, M.
  93. Assessment of physical activity and wellness lifestyle of senior personnel in local Governments, Ekiti State, Nigeria
    Joseph Afolayan Adegboyega and Ajoke Olukemi Awosusi
  94. Studies on relative heterosis and heterobeltiosis for four quantitative characters- grain yield per plant , straw yield per plant , total biological yield per plant and harvest index in rice (Oryza sativa l.).
    Girish Chandra Tiwari
  95. Offline handwriting recognition using genetic algorithm
    Snehal S. Patwardhan and Dr. Deshmukh, R.R.
  96. Safety and efficacy of retrograde intrarenal surgery in pediatric stone disease
    Bülent Altay, Bülent Erkurt, Fırat Erdoğan, Cem Cahit Barışık, Vahit Güzelburç and Selami Albayrak
  97. Biosurfactants production potential of native hydrocarbon degrading bacteria strains in refinery effluent collected from kaduna refinery and petrochemical company Nigeria
    Zakka Jonathan, Markus Victor, Paul Abraham Tanta Emmanuel and Jonathan Bege
  98. Anthropometric analysis of palpebral and interpupillary dimension among northern cross river ethnic population
    Eteudo, A.N., Lukpata, P.U. and Christain, E.M.
  99. Comparison of level of serum zinc and serum magnesium between diabetics and non diabetics patients
    Dr. Chhabra, R. J., Dr. Ketan Mangukiya, Dr. Shweta Singh and Dr. Poonam Kachhawa
  100. Deepwater mooring system equivalent truncated intelligent optimization design
    Xu Gang, Sun Liping and Cheng Chuanyun
  101. Indexing of fungal flora on deteriorating sandstone monuments with special reference to Kala Dera-ii temple at Manwal (Jammu and Kasmir state, India)
    Sanjay Prasad Gupta, Sharma, D. N., Chandrol G. K. and Shrivastava, G.N.
  102. A behavioral economic approach to the privacy paradox in korea
    Sang-Young, Sonn and Ji-Yeon, Yoo
  103. Antibacterial potential of honey on some selected clinical isolates
    Ibrahim Alhaji Sabo, Tasiu Mahmud, Dauda Danlami, Hassan Muhammad Ibrahim and Naziru Dahiru
  104. Design and analysis of light weight motor vehicle flywheel
    Maninder and Suresh Bhardwaj
  105. Evaluating the performance of different types of cutting fluid in the machining of aluminium-manganese alloy in turning operation
    SANUSI Olawale Monsur, BELLO Yekini and AKINDAPO Jacob Olaitan
  106. Environmental change and struggle for existence: A case study of Pakhiralaya and Rangabelia Village, Gosaba in sunderban area of West Bengal
    Subhadip Gupta and Gargi Sarkar
  107. Chaetotaxy mapping of Argentophilic papillae in Mizelleus indicus (Jain, 1957), Pandey et al. 2003 and its relevance to species Characterisation
    Priya Vrat Arya and Hirdaya Shanker Singh
  108. Pattern of human fascioliasis in the province of Giulan, Iran (Since 2008-2014)
    Ali Fattahi Bafghi, Yasman Alijany and Mostafa Mirza Nejad
  109. Potential and strategy increase of income original regional from hotel tax (a case at city of serang, banten province, Indonesia)
  110. Formulation development and evaluation of in situ nasal gel of zolpidem tartrate
    Sadhana R Shahi, Gugulkar, R. R. and Kulkarni, M. S.
  111. Assessment of learning needs for nurses in relation to care of people living with HIV and aids in Swaziland
    Tengetile R. Mathunjwa-Dlamini and Faye A. Gary
  112. Habitat fragmentation lending to loss of gene flow from source of population of tiger (panthera tigris), a study of corbett reference to corridor, Ramnagar, India
    Sanjeev Kumar
  113. Seawater desalination technologies
    Peter G. Youssef, Saad M. Mahmoud and Raya K. AL-Dadah
  114. Investigation on the structural, optical, electrical and mechanical properties of a new rhodamine-b doped l-histidine hydrochloride nlo crystal
    Kathiravan, V., Pari, S. and Selvarajan, P.
  115. Genetic transformation studies in Carica papaya L.: A brief review
    Parul Saksena and Pooja Uppal Kumar
  116. Modulatory role of l-ascorbic acid in oxidative stress induced by repeated oral administration of bifenthrin in heart of wistar rats
    Muneer Ahmad Dar, Arshad Hussain Mir, Shah Riaz Ahmed Chowdhary, Neha Sharma, Asif Ahmad Bhat, Mohd Yousuf Dar, Javid Farooq and Nileshkumar Pagrut
  117. Temporal bone fracture following head massage after haircut: a case report
    Harish ChanderGoel and Swayamsidha H. Andhale
  118. Changing clinical profile of kala-azar in children patient: a hospital based study
    Ghazi Sharique Ahmad, Kanika Manali, Akhilanand Thakur and Md Haider Ali
  119. Integral solutions of the sextic equation with three unknowns (4k-1)(x^2+y^2 )-(4k-2)xy=4(4k-1)z^6
    Vidhyalakshmi, S. Kavitha, A. and Gopalan, M.A.
  120. Therapeutic applications of nanotechnology in bone diseases and bone tissue engineering
    Mourouguessine Vimal
  121. Fatigue Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Wheel
    Anil Kumar, Manish Saini and Pratap Singh
  122. Government-controlled companies and accounting performance
    Sami R.M. Musallam
  123. Simple release of protein a from staphylococcus aureus NCTC 8325
    Sara Zahednia, Hojat Ahmadi and Mahboobeh Madani
  124. Optimizing transmission cost by using PTOP-k queries in wireless sensor network
    Dr. K. Madhavi and Kavitha, S.
    Advait Bhagade
  126. The Study of Some Motivational Factors on English Language Learning Process: Evidence from Iranian English Learners
    Kolsoom Zendehboodi, Ali Akbar Khansir and Fatemeh Karampoor
  127. A Study on the Finite Element Method: an Essential Tool for Engineering Analysis
    Wadzani Samuel Gadzama, Nonyelu Helen Uzoamaka, Lilian Nneka Ejike-Uguwu and Okwudiba Ifeanyi Nwachukwu
  128. Medicinal plants of akot tahsil used for the treatment of kidney disorders
    Dr. Santosh Narayanrao Patole
  129. Shalimar the clown: A life and world of virtuousness
    Abhibunnisha Begum
  130. Temporomandibular joint disorders- etiology, diagnosis and management-A review
    Dr. Arun Kumar, Dr. Minakshi Rana, Dr. Anita Hooda, Dr. Mahesh Goel, Dr. Amit Dahiya and Dr. Vijay Kumar
  131. Gross morphological changes in chick embryos after exposure to Neonicotinoid insecticide Imidacloprid
    Dr Muktyaz Hussein, Dr. Vishram Singh, Dr M.A.Hassan, Dr. Prerna Gupta, Dr Rakesh Pathak and Dr A.K.Singh
  132. Happiness level of the secondary school teachers
    Pranjal Buragohain and Hazarika, M.
  133. Studying nexus between green technology fuelling and inland water ways Upshoots in Diminuting carbon emissions and conserving non-renewable fuels
    Shantanu and Garima Sharma
  134. Free radicals and human health
    Mustafa Taha Mohammed, Sura Mohammed Kadhim, Abdulkadir Mohammed Noori Jassimand and Sarah Isam Abbas
  135. Games and activities: Techniques for teaching english in a fun-filled environment
    Dolon Champa Das
  136. A review paper on performance evalution of single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine using petrol-ethanol blends
    Akshay S. Jagtap, Ajay A. Dhokale, Abhijeet Y. Makhale, Shantanu A. Chati and Prashant B. Panchal
  137. Comparative evaluation of speciation and zoogeographical distribution for Lamellodiscus (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) using 18s rRNA
    Fozail Ahmad, Singh, D. and Arya, P. V.
  138. Evaluation of handpump water for drinking purpose in area of urbanization and agricultural development
    Harsimran Kaur Ghuman, Sanjay Gupta, Sanjiv Aggarwal, Shamim Monga, Hobinder and Rupali
  139. Solving linear potential using the variation method
    Mudassir Umar Ali, Abubakar Sani Garba and Nazifi Usman
  140. Development of mg-so42-/zro2 heterogeneous catalyst for Transesterification reaction of rice bran oil
    Sunder Lal, Richa Tomer and Deeptiraj Pant
  141. Formulation and performance characterization of ceramic tile adhesive produced with acacia gum
    Ohoke Francis Okemini and Igwebike-Ossi, Clementina Dilim
  142. Impact of building on the performance of WIMAX communication system
    Yazen S. Almashhadani, Balasem Salem, S., Ghassan A. Qas Marrogy and Adil H. Aldalawie
  143. The combination of swirl combustors with furnaces
    Dr. Mohammed Hamza Abdulsada AL-Hashimi
  144. Economic benefit from adoption of gm papaya: an ex-ante evaluation
    Kevin Li, and Edward A. Evans
  145. Probiotic attributes of two strains of bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis –an in –vitro assessment
    Ligimol James and Kishan Singh
  146. Review on methods for biological assays of pharmaceutical products
    Tasiu Mahmud, Mukhtar, M.D., Ibrahim A. Sabo, Dauda Danlami and Naziru Dahiru
  147. Overview presentation and statistical representation of icthyofaunal diversity, threats and conservation of Srikakulam district wetlands, Andrapradesh, India
    Mukunda Rao, S. and Ramachandra Rao, R.
  148. Central giant cell granuloma in a 10 year old child – a case report
    Dr. Meenakshi Bodh, Dr. Ritu Namdev, Dr. Mitali Jain, Dr. Samir Dutta and Dr. Arun kumar
  149. Effect of different traditional dances of tigray region on selected physical fitness triads on collegiate youths
    Mulay G. Tensay, Hassrani. S. S. and Somsankar Mukherjee
  150. An experimental study to evaluate the effect of Mucuna pruriens on learning and memory in mice
    Anjula Sachan, Sarvesh Singh, Hemant Singh, Pratap Shankar, Dheeraj Kumar, Amod Kumar Sachan, Rajendra Nath and Rakesh Kumar Dixit
  151. Pathological problems and associated mycoflora of certain important trees of Bhiwani (Haryana)
    Hoshiar Singh Tak, Ajit Singh and Shabir Ahmad
  152. Cognitive styles of high school biological science teachers
    Srinivas Kumar, D. and Gangadhar Naik, S.
  153. The study of tracheostomy in intensive care unit
    Nicola Barreto, Harish Chander Goel and Swayamsidha H. Andhale
  154. Toxicological effect of aqueous seed extract of Datura stramonium on liver of experimental rats
    Muhammad Abubakar Madungurum and Yusuf Yunusa Muhammad
  155. Prospective randomized comparative study of external dacryocystorhinostomy and endonasal endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy
    Markandeya Tiwari, Swayamsidha H. Andhale, Sandesh Chodankar and Ugam Usgaonkar
  156. Dual band square shaped slotted patch antenna for wearable applications
    Muthu Krishnan, R. and Dr. Tamil Selvi, S.
  157. Web data security in e-commerce against various vulnerabilities using AES algorithm
    Rupica Puri and Sheetal Kalra
  158. Effect of groove width and shape on concrete pavement skid resistance
    Erhan Burak Pancar, Zeki Karaca and Muhammet Vefa Akpinar
  159. Remineralization of teeth..........dentistry is a step ahead now
    Dr. Bhawna Arora, Dr. Ravneet Kaur and Dr. Monika Madaan
  160. Trado-cultural and socio-economic effects of feto-maternal outcome in a rural community in the Niger delta: 5 years retrospective study in Nduth, Okolobiri
    Ekine, A. A., Udoye, E.P. and West, O.L.
  161. Mineral trioxide aggregate- a wonder cure”: clinical applications in pediatric dentistry
    Dr. Meenakshi Bodh, Dr. Ritu Namdev, Dr. Mitali Jain and Dr. Samir Dutta
  162. Interaction of silver nitrate with commercially available cotton socks; relationship to the antibacterial action of silver ions
    Revathi, P., Prabhu, N., Jayaseelan, T.S., Lakshika, S., Manickavasagam, S. and Uma, A.
  163. Effect of aqueous extract of bean pod on alloxan induced diabetes rats
    Jamilu, Y. M. I., Alhassan, A. J., Darma, A. I. and Karfi, I. A.
  164. A novel inexpensive technique to immobilize open hand injuries in a functional position using a premolded light weight external fixator
    Dr. Vaibhav Aterkar, Dr. Umang Sanghvi and Dr. Kailash Sethi
  165. Analysis of critical factors affecting performance of quality in building construction projects
    Arunmozhi, S., Suguna, K. and Arunmozhi, S.
  166. Legal Regulation of Administrative Misdemeanours: European Principles and the Case of Albania
    Dr. Eralda (Methasani) Çani
  167. Risk factor associated with gallbladder malignancy in north india: A prospective study
    Arpit Bansal, Ashwani Kumar Bansal, Vandana Bansal and Ajay Kumar
  168. There couldn’t be the west, if there was not the east
    Soltanova, N. B.
  169. Ants’ foraging, a mystery
    Khokan Naskar and Srimanta K. Raut
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