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June 2017

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  1. Impact of theory based educational intervention on knowledge, belief and self-efficacy regardingosteoporosis among the female staff in selangor, Malaysia: research concept, framework and methodology
    Samia Amin, Dr. Hejar Abdul Rahman, Dr. Suriani Binti Ismail, Dr. Sri Ganesh Muthiah and Dr. Emilia Zainal Abidin
  2. Review article: Carbofuran-persistence in soil and microbial degradation
    Ritu Soni, Sakshi Jaiswal, Jyoti Kiran Bara and Khyati Shrivastava
  3. Internet addiction as a predictor of loneliness
    Nida Anwar Ali Bhatti and Dr. Saima Masoom Ali
  4. Effect of carom seed smoke on episiotomy wound healing and level of pain among post natal mothers
    Pratibha Khosla
  5. Rakta is considered as chaturtha dosha – A review
    Dr. Ganapathi Rao, I., Dr. ChandrakanthHalli, Dr. VijayKumar and Dr. AshokNaikar
  6. A study on infrared spectroscopy of human blood of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus
    Vijaya Ushasree, U. and Adeel Ahmad
  7. Application of connection triads in static lie group and lie algebra
    Chiteng, B. K., Phiri, P. A., Kabwita, P.M., N’gandwe K. Mumba and Tossa, J.
  8. Preparation of crosslinked polyacrylamide hydrogels and their application to the removal of manganese (ii) ions from aqueous solution
    Mathieu Béné, Domga, Jean Marie Dikdim Dangwang, , Richard Domga, Jean Bosco Tchatchueng, Nathalie Kobbe-Dama and Simplice Tatsimo
  9. The quadratic differential triads via sheaves of sets and categories
    Chiteng, B. K., Phiri, P. A., Kabwita, P.M., N’gandwe K. Mumba and Tossa, J.
  10. Image recognition via codebooks and contour reinforcement
    Sumeet Gupta, Vishesh Gaurav and Ramani, S.