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February 2017

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  1. Interface effects on an infinite plane containing two circular nano-inhomogeneities
    Lei Dongxia, Wen Shuangshuang and Ou Zhiying
  2. Abdominal bleeding region detection in wireless capsule endoscopy videos
    Dr. Sreeja Mole, S.S.
  3. L’ananas (ananas comosus (l) m.): alterations et moyens de lutte - a review
    KOFFI Yao Fulgence, ALLOUE-BORAUD W.A. Mireille, BAN KOFFI Louis and DJE Koffi Marcellin
  4. Yang-mills equations for a pull back symplectic yang-mills field
    Lutanda Panga, G., Azere Phiri, P. and Muyumba Kabwita, P.
  5. Production of heterotic hybrid in rohu (labeo rohita) by crossing the riverine and hatchery strains
    Wasim Sabbir, Md. Nuruzzaman Khan, Shamima Sultana, Md. Lifat Rahi and Md. Saifuddin Shah