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December 2016

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  1. Dental rehabilitation of obstructive sleep apnoea (osa) patients- a review
    Dr. Deepika Bainiwal
  2. Evidence based dentistry in prosthodontics
    Dr. Deepika Bainiwal
  3. Effect of innovation-orientation on internal branding in healthcare organizations
    Dr. Zeliha Tekin, Dr. Unal Efe, Dr. Serkan Deniz and Dr. Mesut Çimen
  4. Characterization of the interaction between a copper based drug with calf thymus deoxyribonucleic acid (ct-dna)
    NasrinSohrabi, NahidRasouli, MasomeaTaei and SomayeaGhafari
  5. Analyzing local revenue in local otonomy implementation towards self-reliance of samarinda municipality
    H. Abd. Rachim A.F
  6. Policy of local income and expenditure (apbd) in the effect on public socio economic in samarinda
    Abdrachim, A.F. H.
  7. General gravitational intensity (or acceleration due to gravity) based upon the golden metric tensor in spherical polar coordinates (paper II)
    Nura, Y., Howusu, S.X.K. and Nuhu, I.
  8. Do managers decide complex investment projects intuitively?
    Dipl. ÖkonomRalf Peter Wüstermann
  9. The influence of experience on risk aversion
    Dipl. Ökonom Ralf Peter Wüstermann