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August 2015

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  1. Environmental change and struggle for existence: A case study of Pakhiralaya and Rangabelia Village, Gosaba in sunderban area of West Bengal
    Subhadip Gupta and Gargi Sarkar
  2. Assessment of learning needs for nurses in relation to care of people living with HIV and aids in Swaziland
    Tengetile R. Mathunjwa-Dlamini and Faye A. Gary
  3. Habitat fragmentation lending to loss of gene flow from source of population of tiger (panthera tigris), a study of corbett reference to corridor, Ramnagar, India
    Sanjeev Kumar
  4. Seawater desalination technologies
    Peter G. Youssef, Saad M. Mahmoud and Raya K. AL-Dadah
  5. Investigation on the structural, optical, electrical and mechanical properties of a new rhodamine-b doped l-histidine hydrochloride nlo crystal
    Kathiravan, V., Pari, S. and Selvarajan, P.
  6. Genetic transformation studies in Carica papaya L.: A brief review
    Parul Saksena and Pooja Uppal Kumar
  7. Potential and strategy increase of income original regional from hotel tax (a case at city of serang, banten province, Indonesia)
  8. Pattern of human fascioliasis in the province of Giulan, Iran (Since 2008-2014)
    Ali Fattahi Bafghi, Yasman Alijany and Mostafa Mirza Nejad
  9. Chaetotaxy mapping of Argentophilic papillae in Mizelleus indicus (Jain, 1957), Pandey et al. 2003 and its relevance to species Characterisation
    Priya Vrat Arya and Hirdaya Shanker Singh
  10. Indexing of fungal flora on deteriorating sandstone monuments with special reference to Kala Dera-ii temple at Manwal (Jammu and Kasmir state, India)
    Sanjay Prasad Gupta, Sharma, D. N., Chandrol G. K. and Shrivastava, G.N.