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June 2015

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  1. Studying nexus between green technology fuelling and inland water ways Upshoots in Diminuting carbon emissions and conserving non-renewable fuels
    Shantanu and Garima Sharma
  2. Solving linear potential using the variation method
    Mudassir Umar Ali, Abubakar Sani Garba and Nazifi Usman
  3. Development of mg-so42-/zro2 heterogeneous catalyst for Transesterification reaction of rice bran oil
    Sunder Lal, Richa Tomer and Deeptiraj Pant
  4. Formulation and performance characterization of ceramic tile adhesive produced with acacia gum
    Ohoke Francis Okemini and Igwebike-Ossi, Clementina Dilim
  5. Impact of building on the performance of WIMAX communication system
    Yazen S. Almashhadani, Balasem Salem, S., Ghassan A. Qas Marrogy and Adil H. Aldalawie
  6. The combination of swirl combustors with furnaces
    Dr. Mohammed Hamza Abdulsada AL-Hashimi
  7. Comparative evaluation of speciation and zoogeographical distribution for Lamellodiscus (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) using 18s rRNA
    Fozail Ahmad, Singh, D. and Arya, P. V.
  8. A review paper on performance evalution of single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine using petrol-ethanol blends
    Akshay S. Jagtap, Ajay A. Dhokale, Abhijeet Y. Makhale, Shantanu A. Chati and Prashant B. Panchal
  9. Games and activities: Techniques for teaching english in a fun-filled environment
    Dolon Champa Das
  10. Shalimar the clown: A life and world of virtuousness
    Abhibunnisha Begum